What is InterMarE South Baltic Maritime & Balt Military Expo?

The aim of the exhibition is to bring together maritime industry SMEs mainly from the Southern Baltic region and from other regions potentially interested in establishing business relations due to their location or the supply chain in which they participate.

Next to business, InterMarE South Baltic & Balt Military Expo will invite clusters, employer organizations, unions, associations, and foundations from all the partner states.

When will InterMarE South Baltic Maritime & Balt Military Expo take place?

InterMarE South Baltic Maritime & Balt Military Expo is 3 days of knowledge, inspirational talks and online fair!

Join us on 20th-22nd of April.

Who can attend the fair?

The event is open to everyone associated with the maritime industry. You just need to be registered.
You can do it here.

How to contact customer service?

Customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. You can contact us by e-mail: intermare@intermare-southbaltic.eu or faq@mtgsa.com.pl.

If you can't find the answer, drop us a line at intermare@intermare-southbaltic.eu.pl or faq@mtgsa.com.pl.

How can I check if I can join the fair?

Go to the test room to check if you can join the fair without issues! You can do it here - change the language on the page by selecting the appropriate flag on the bottom right.

How can I join the fair online?

You can purchase a Pass and login to InterMarE South Baltic Maritime & Balt Military Expo website.

To join the fair you need to:

  • be logged in (always),
  • accept regulations,
  • complete profile (if it's not completed)
  • check in (only in first logging).

What can I do on the platform?

The platform consists of sections:

  • Stages, agenda, speakers - on each stage you can watch speeches, see the program and check information about speakers.
  • Expo map - visit virtual stands, where you have the possibility to chat, attend webinars, drop or take business cards, see a video and exhibitor's website, take product brochure, check products, also schedule 1:1 meetings.
  • Exhibitors agenda - check what webinars and activities our exhibitors prepared for you.
  • Exhibitors catalogue - a place, where you can find all our exhibitors.
  • Matchmaking - a tool to view attendees' profiles and invite on 1:1 meetings.
  • Products catalogue - a place, where you can see exhibitors products. You can see description and photos of the exhibitor's products.

What are the system requirements to attend InterMarE online?

You’ll find a full list of requirements for the video conferencing system we use here.

InterMarE makes use of the LiveWebinar platform, thanks to which it’s possible to organize our online fair. This solution is used on many different levels - for example we can use it to host planned broadcasts, meet-ups. The platform is also used in matchmaking tool.

If you have a stand during InterMarE, LiveWebinar will be the tool with which you can meet the people visiting your online standpoint.

If you also host large scale online events, or need a platform for leading video conferences/webinars for your company, check out LiveWebinar by clicking www.livewebinar.com.

What is check in?

Check in works like registration during offline fair. You need to choose, which pass you log into by proper checkbox. To do that you need to have a pass on the account. After check in, you can't change your email address, name, surname and you can't transfer the last pass. If you have more than one pass, you can change check in in your account - go to the section "Your tickets", but you can't do that if you have the same type of tickets. Checked pass is visible in the profile.

Does the platform work on mobile phones?

Yes, you can use your mobile to attend the fair. Be careful with adblock - it can block some access.

What hours will speeches take place?

20th and 21st: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (CEST time zone)

22 nd: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (CEST time zone)

Will speeches be live or recorded?

Both - live and recorded, depending on speakers' preferences. Even if the speech will be recorded, the speaker will be available to answer questions during the speech.

I have a Pass but I can't attend these hours. Will I get access to the recordings?

Yes, recordings will be available after logging in to our website. You can watch them choosing speech from the agenda or Recording library. The recordings will not be available just after the speech is finished. They may appear within a month after the conference.

Will speeches recordings be published on Youtube or your website?

Recordings will be available in the Recording library after logging into our website and Youtube.

Will it be possible to talk with the speakers?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions, because speakers will be available on the chat, next to the stage.

Will there be any networking?

You can expand your network using Matchmaking online. Matchmaking offers a virtual space for online meetings set up via a dedicated tool. 30-minutes meetings can be scheduled on dates April 20th-22nd the hours 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CEST time zone). Matchmaking tool starts on the 12th of April!

Let's meet at an elegant online party when you cannot meet otherwise! Salmon Evening is a prestigious social event integrating the maritime industry - participants of the InterMarE South Baltic Exhibition and Balt Military Expo Fairs and also the GreenMare and Natcon conferences. It will be held after the first day of the fair, on April 20 in the hours 7 PM - 9:30 PM. During the evening for guests will wait a lot of attractions - a concert of the soooth-jazz trio by Maciej Łyszkiewicz, the live cooking show performed by Robert Makłowicz, and much more! Check here!

What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is a 30-minute, individual business meeting between attendees and exhibitors. To enter the meeting you need an individual link, which you can find in the matchmaking tool. Daily meetings are scheduled and you will receive a SMS reminder if you mark the right checkbox. Access to the tool will be possible before and during the conference, but you can start scheduling your meetings since April 12th. Meetings can take place between April 20th and April 22nd, from 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM (CEST time zone).

Will there be a possibility to visit a exhibitors’ booths, talk to company representatives?

Yes, you can visit virtual exhibitors’ booths. Virtual Exhibitors Expo is full of companies presenting their offer. Here you can talk with representatives in dedicated rooms, or schedule 1:1 meeting and perhaps meet some business partners.

How to get prepared to matchmaking?

  1. Profile - describe your profile with the most exact information. Don't let participants create a picture of what you are doing before they meet you.
  2. Find a perfect match - first of all you need to know who you want to talk to. Your time is precious so don't waste it on bad decisions. Make a list with who you would like to meet and use filters.
  3. Preparation before the meeting - when you decide who you want to meet, a good practice is to do some research about that person. See his/her profile on LinkedIn, search articles, and video presentations. Try to find keywords that would fit your company and use them during your conversation.
  4. Set up your availability - click on the calendar to set up when you offer your time to meet other Attendees. You can turn off only some slots each day, whole days or oven weeks.
  5. Personalize your communication - don't forget to personalize your invitation! You are not picking those meetings randomly, are you? To contact the person with whom you want to make an appointment, you can also use the chat that is available in our system.
  6. Prepare key points to talk about - after you have specified with whom you want to meet and send a personal invitation. The good practice is to prepare questions that you would like to ask. Then you are guaranteed to receive the information that is important for you.
  7. Make notes - human brain will not remember all information that you have exchanged.
  8. What to do after the meeting - send a summary, then both sides will have the same information.

How it works?

Go here to check out how matchmaking tool works.

How can I register?

You can register here.

How can I get access to my InterMarE account?

You can log into your account on our website using your e-mail address and a password. 
If you haven't created an account yet, you can do it here.

How can I edit my profile information?

You should log into your account on our website using your e-mail address and a password and then click “Your profile” Tab.

Do I need to be an employee of a company to participate in InterMarE InterMarE South Baltic Maritime Exhibition & Balt Military Expo?

No, you don’t have to be employed. You can be a student, self-employed, or have any other status.

I am not working at any company, what should I write in the box “company name” during registration?

You can enter the title of a project you are running, the name of the organization to which you belong, the name of the university, etc. You can also be creative and write whatever you want!

How can I reset the password?

To change the password, you have to login on our website and then choose "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD". We will send you a reset link to set a new password.

Can I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, please contact us at intermare@intermare-southbaltic.eu or faq@mtgsa.com.pl.

What does the InterMarE Pass entitle me to?

Each pass type (e.g. visitor/media/conference) gives you different profits.
Here you can find the full list, which will help you with choosing the right ticket.

I bought a pass, where can I find it?

After purchasing a pass you should get an e-mail confirmation. You should have your pass visible at your InterMarE account after logging into website in the “Your ID's” Tab.

How can I transfer my pass to another person?

You need to have an Exhibitor Pass, log into your account on our website, go to the tab “Your ID's” and click “Transfer to other person”.

Can I purchase several passes on my account?

You can purchase several Exhibitor Passes and transfer them to your friends/coworkers. You have to log into your account on our website, go to the tab “Your ID's” and click “Transfer to other person”.

How many people can join webinar room?

In webinar room can attend a maximum of 200 people.

Can anyone attend webinars?

Yes, anyone can attend webinars, but Exhibitors can also decide if only selected people from the list of participants.

Can I invite people to webinar room?

No, the system doesn't generate invitations to webinar rooms.

Do webinars have time limits?

No, there is no time limit in Exhibitors' webinar rooms.

Can I organize a webinar only for selected people?

Yes, you can lock the room and let in only selected people from the attendee's list.

What can I do in webinar room?

Exhibitor can:

  • have a speech - show presentations, boards and videos. Attendees will see the speaker and presented materials;
  • conduct discussions during the presentation - attendees can use audio&video to talk during the speech;
  • organize a meeting - you can talk to attendees using audio&video;
  • loop the video;
  • chat with attendees.

Can I attach several files to Product Brochure?

You can attach only one file, but you can change it as many times as you need.

Which is the maximum size and format Product Brochure?

As a part of the functionality of Product Brochure on the virtual stand, exhibitors can attach file max. 10 MB in PDF format, which attendees can download on the computer.

Can I attach several videos to virtual stand?

You can attach only one video, but you can change it as many times as you need.

How should I prepare a speech on Cross Border Main Stage?

You should record your presentation and send it to us. You can use our online platform or do it with a different tool. The presentation has to be in PDF format in size 16:9.

How to organize a press conference?

It will be like in a webinar room, where attendees will ask questions. Each exhibitor will have such a room and will decide how the meeting will take place.